How Do I Know When it’s Time to Replace My Furnace?

How Do I Know When it’s Time to Replace My Furnace?

You likely don’t spend much time thinking about your furnace until something goes wrong with it. Whether you’re noticing that your furnace isn’t heating as efficiently as it should be, or have turned it on for the first time this season only to have it not work at all, you’re not the only one that has furnace maintenance on the back burner. If your furnace has been running reliably for years, you may eventually start wondering, how often should you replace your furnace?

At EVAM Canada, we are experienced HVAC professionals who have extensive experience in furnace installation and emergency furnace repair. We know that homeowners want to ensure that their furnace is running efficiently and safely all winter long. Staying on top of furnace maintenance and replacing your furnace before it becomes a hazard is a smart way to keep your family safe. But how long does a furnace last? In this post, we fill you in on what you should know about furnace lifespans and help you know when to replace the furnace in your home.

How Long Do Furnaces Last?

Generally speaking, a furnace should last somewhere between 15-20 years before needing to be replaced. Though this is a good guideline to consider, knowing how long a furnace should last will depend on factors such as how well the furnace was maintained. In some cases, a furnace may last up to 30 years. However, if you have an ancient furnace that is still running well, you may still want to replace it with a more modern and efficient unit. Our post, How Can I Know That My Furnace is Efficient, offers insight into knowing when it may be time to upgrade or repair yours.

Can Harsh Weather Impact Furnace Longevity?

When considering how long a furnace usually lasts, the climate you live in will also play a role. If you are wanting to know how long do furnaces last in Canada, you’ll want to consider the region you live in and whether or not temperatures drop to extremely cold levels. If your furnace is working overtime all winter long, you’ll want to be vigilant about replacing the filter regularly. You will also want to be sure to complete regular maintenance due to the increased strain the cold will put on your unit.

So, how long does a furnace last in Canada? If taken care of, it should last as long as furnaces in regions with less harsh temperatures. See our DIY furnace maintenance guides to stay on top of furnace upkeep. You can also turn to a trusted HVAC company for assistance with completing maintenance tasks.

Do Electric Furnaces Last Longer than Gas Furnaces?

If you need to replace your furnace, you may be wondering how long does a gas furnace last vs. how long do electric furnaces last? While gas furnaces should last between 15-20 years, electric furnaces last somewhere between 20-30 years. Assuming you take care of your furnace, there is not much difference between the lifespan of these furnace types. Knowing which type is right for you will depend on your personal heating needs.

Is It OK to Wait Until My Furnace Dies to Replace It?

Now that you know how long a furnace usually lasts, you may wonder if it is OK to wait it out until your furnace dies before replacing it. For many homeowners, a dead furnace in the winter is an emergency, and if you need one, you’ll replace it. However, knowing how old your furnace is and preparing to replace it before it breaks can save you from an inconvenient breakdown. Keep your family safe and home comfortable by planning to upgrade your furnace before it breaks down on the coldest day of the year.

When looking to replace your furnace or get help with an emergency furnace repair, the experts at EVAM Canada are always here to help. Contact us today and see why we are your top choice when looking for furnace repair services near me.