where is the flame sensor on a furnace

Where is the Flame Sensor on a Furnace?

Having a basic understanding of how your furnace works and where its parts can be located is a great idea for safety and troubleshooting. Though you do not need the skill set of a qualified technician you should consider familiarizing yourself with some of the basic parts of your furnace. This will not only help you in the event that your furnace stops working, but also aid you in keeping your furnace running well with regular maintenance.

In this article, we will help you identify what the furnace flame sensor on your furnace is, and how you can find it on your own furnace. We will also detail what you need to know about keeping this part clean and why it is important to do so.

If you ever have a furnace-related concern or need help with your furnace maintenance, don’t hesitate in reaching out to one of our qualified technicians at EVAM Canada. Also, see our DIY Furnace & Heating tips for more support with keeping your furnace running efficiently all season long. You can also learn more about new furnace government rebates as well as new heat pump installation services

What is a Flame Sensor?

The flame sensor on furnace is a necessary safety feature of your furnace and it is important for you to understand its function. The purpose of a flame sensor is to ensure that the electric spark used to lite your furnace does not register too high and in turn, shuts your furnace off. This is done to avoid an explosion and is a crucial safety component of your furnace. Knowing how furnace flame sensor works in your home is crucial to helping you feel safer and confident that it is operating correctly.

It is important that this part of your furnace stays clean of any dirt or debris. You should consider an inspection of this part of your furnace as part of your regular furnace maintenance. Why not do this task while cleaning your gas furnace burner with our DIY gas furnace burner cleaning tips

Where Can I Find the Flame Sensor?

Now that you know what it is, you’ll want to know, where is the furnace flame sensor on my furnace. Though the flame sensor on your furnace is an important but simple part. It will look like a thin metallic rod and is set in front of the pilot flame on the interior of your furnace. Both of these parts can be located inside of the burner assembly of your furnace which is typically in the bottom of your furnace.

Having a dirty flame sensor can result in your furnace not starting. Before replacing your furnace unit, it is always a good idea to have your flame sensor checked. Sometimes having the flame sensor cleaned and replaced can solve your furnace troubles.
where can I find the flame sensor

Do I Have to Clean it Myself?

If DIY is not your thing, the thought of cleaning your flame sensor might sound intimidating. Thankfully, you can schedule a qualified technician to perform regular furnace maintenance on your unit. Consider booking a yearly appointment with one of our technicians at EVAM Canada to help ensure that your furnace is ready to perform efficiently all winter long.

How to Clean a Flame Sensor on a Gas Furnace

If you like to complete DIY furnace maintenance, you may be wondering what is the best way to clean furnace flame sensor on your furnace unit. Cleaning a flame sensor is relatively straightforward. The following tips should help you with cleaning it if you are sure that it is what is causing your furnace concerns.

  1. Turn off gas and electricity for the furnace

    When conducting any work on your furnace it needs to be shut off. Turn off the gas and electricity to your furnace unit before doing anything else.

  2. Remove the flame sensor

    Locate and remove the flame sensor from your furnace.

  3. Clean off debris

    The flame sensor can be gently cleaned with light grit sandpaper. The goal is not to sand it down but instead to simply remove any excess buildup on the sensor.

  4. Replace the sensor and turn on the furnace

    Once the sensor has been cleaned put it back into the furnace and turn the power sources back on. Carefully inspect that the furnace is working properly with the thermostat turning on and off as expected.

Don’t wait until the rush, get ahead of the curve and book your furnace maintenance appointment today. Let the experts at EVAM Canada keep your furnace in top-notch shape.