Programmable Touchscreen Thermostats In Mississauga & Oakville

touchscreen thermostat mississaugaA touchscreen thermostat offers more advanced features than a traditional thermostat or digital thermostat. In addition to controlling the heating and cooling of your home and ensuring comfort, touchscreen thermostats are simple to use, featuring large, clear displays that give instant access to data about your home’s climate.

Evam Canada carries a number of convenient Honeywell touchscreen thermostats. A leader in thermostat technology, Honeywell offers many innovative models that can be customized and programmed to allow for complete control of your heating and cooling, all at your fingertips. If you would like to upgrade your existing thermostat to a touchscreen thermostat, our technicians can install the model of your choice.

Benefits of Touchscreen Thermostats

Programmable touchscreen thermostats bring homeowners many benefits when compared to traditional thermostats, including:

  • Flexible programming. Touchscreen thermostats typically allow for up to 4 different heating or cooling periods, 7 days a week for excellent customization.
  • Money savings. Great energy savings can be realized with a programmable touchscreen thermostat. By setting your thermostat to heat or cool less when you are away, you could save big on your energy bills.
  • Ease of use. The interface of Honeywell touchscreen thermostats makes it very easy to set daily schedules and see the current temperature of your home at a glance.
  • Smart response technology. Honeywell thermostats include a feature that learns how long it takes to heat your home to a particular temperature, so it can start or shut off your system at the right time to ensure your home reaches the correct temperature when you want it.

Our experts are here to help you select a thermostat that works with your existing heating and cooling system. To learn more about our available touchscreen thermostats, please contact Evam Canada today!

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