At Evam Canada, we want to ensure that your heating and cooling equipment is running smooth and efficient all year round. However we all know there are times where that may not be the case. You wake up in the middle of the night and your heat is out. You are watching TV and you hear an odd humming noise coming from your AC unit. These and many other potential issues are a reality of being a home owner. This section helps you diagnose and even walk you through how to fix many of these common issues.

Air Conditioning


Let Evam Canada help guide your with DIY maintenance, installation and trouble shooting guides for your Air Conditioner. Also check out our extensive FAQ.


furnace diy
Evam Canada are experts on furnace installation, repair & maintenance and we want to share that knowledge with you. Check out our extensive guides and FAQs.

Water Heater

We are experts on both tank and tankless hot water heater repair and maintenance. We want to share that information with our customers. Check out our extensive guides.

Evam Canada’s DIY Difficulty Rating

Honesty and transparency are imoprtant, core prinicples for Evan Canada. Our goal is to ensure your HVAC equipment is running without any issues. Our guides use our “Evam Canada Difficulty Rating” to help your understand what is involved in your HVAC DIY project. When the issue your are experiencing is common and simple to resolve, we will let you know. Likewise, if that issue is potentially dangerous or complex, we will highly recomend calling an Evam Canada certified technician to diagnose and repair the issue.
  • wrench-green – Quick and easy
  • wrench-greenwrench-green – Beginner Friendly
  • wrench-yellowwrench-yellowwrench-yellow – Intermediate. Be Cautious
  • wrench-redwrench-redwrench-redwrench-red – Advanced (Consider A Professional)
  • wrench-redwrench-redwrench-redwrench-redwrench-red – Potentially Dangerous (Consider A Professional)