Do It Your Self (DIY) Hot Water Heater Repair/Maintenance

Does your hot water heater run out of water too early? Interested in keeping up with maintenance on your tank or tankless hot water heater? Have a high efficiency hot water heater that needs repair? Our DIY Hot Water heater guides help anyone diagnose, repair and maintain hot water heater units in their homes. If the job becomes difficult or dangerous it is best to call an Evam Canada certified technician.


Keeping your hot water heater unit running efficiently means occasional maintenance and up keep. Our guides will help you keep your hot water heater running at peak performance for its entire life span.


Our guides help you install your hot water heaterĀ for your home. Installing a hot water heater unit often requires a professional. Contact an Evam Canada certified technician for installation help.


Is your hot water heater running out of water? Is it making strange noises at night? These guides will help you diagnose common issues and make recommendations on how to repair them.


Have a question about your hot water heater? Our happy customers call us all the time with questions about their tank and tankless hot water heaters. We have compiled a list of those common questions here.