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hrv systems in mississaugaAn HRV system is an excellent addition to the traditional heating and cooling system you currently have in your home. One of the most common issues that homeowners face with their home comfort system is a lack of proper ventilation. An HRV unit can correct this, helping you more effectively control moisture in your home to ensure a healthy indoor environment and reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling of the air inside your home. When used effectively, an HRV system can also save you money!

Evam Canada is pleased to offer a number of high quality heat recovery ventilators from leading brands like Greentek and Honeywell. Our certified technicians are here to advise you on the best system for your home.

How Does a Heat Recovery Ventilator Work?

A heat recovery ventilator works by bringing fresh air into your home while at the same time recovering a large portion of the heat from air that is displaced. Warm, stale air is pulled by a fan from the interior of your home to be released outdoors. As this warm air moves through the HRV unit and fresh outside air is drawn in, heat is transferred from the stale air to the new air. This means you benefit from healthy fresh air, while reducing the energy necessary to heat it. Heat recovery ventilation can help you save big on your heating costs by requiring your furnace to work less!

Since HRV systems continually bring a stream of fresh air into your home, you’ll also enjoy improved air quality and moisture levels. Moisture is transferred between the fresh air and stale air as they pass through the HRV unit so your home maintains a more constant humidity level, preventing air from becoming too dry.

Interested in learning more about how heat recovery ventilation can improve the air quality and comfort of your home while reducing your energy bills? Contact the HVAC experts at Evam Canada today, or request a quote online.

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