Furnace, Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Government Rebates

If you are considering replacing or installing a new furnace, air conditioner, heat pump, or water heater, you’ll want to be sure that you take advantage of available rebates to make the purchase more affordable. Make the most of current Ontario and Canadian government rebates for a more efficient home at a more affordable price point.

With more than 25 years of experience, EVAM Canada is the HVAC company Mississauga residents can count on for furnace, air conditioning, heat pump installation, and water heater concerns. Whether you are looking for help with new furnace installation or need assistance with an emergency air condition repair, we are here to help. Contact a member of our team today to learn more about the current rebates available in Ontario and Canada and make getting a new water heater, furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump more affordable.


Furnace Rebates in Ontario

Looking to know, are there government rebates for furnace in Ontario, Canada? Yes, there are currently furnace-related rebates available in Ontario. Currently, you can receive furnace-related rebates of;


  • Up to $125 for a smart thermostat

Air Conditioner Rebates in Ontario

Are looking for a new AC and wondering, are there government rebates for air conditioning in Ontario, Canada?

  • Up to $7,800 for qualifying heat pump 

Heat Pump Rebates in Ontario

Are there government rebates for heat pump in Ontario, Canada? Current heat pump rebates in Ontario can save you big on the installation of your heat pump.


  • Up to $7,800 for qualifying heat pump installations

Water Heater Rebates in Ontario

Are there government rebates for water heaters in Ontario, Canada? Canadians can save big with rebates on hot water heaters.

  • Up to $1,000 per item available on tankless and ductless units
  • Ontarians eligible for up to 25% off up to $500 on traditional units

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the Provincial and Federal Governments are always releasing new and exciting rebates for our customers. Contact us today to secure your Government rebate.

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Secure Your Government Rebates

    Are Rebates Applied Before or After Purchase?

    In most cases, rebates are applied after the purchase of a furnace, heat pump, water heater or air conditioning unit. In some cases, you will need to submit documentation to obtain a rebate, though often, your service provider is required to assist. At EVAM Canada, we are always available to help you navigate the process of getting a rebate.

    Will Rebate Amounts Change?

    It is always important to note that rebates can change and may not always be available. If you are looking to take advantage of a rebate, keep an eye on how long the rebate is expected to last and be sure that work is completed within the necessary timeline. Rebate amounts may change or be eliminated in the future, so it is best to take advantage of them while you can.

    How Long Will Rebates Be Available?

    In many cases, rebates in Ontario and Canada will be intended for a specific period. However, it is important to know that programs can be discontinued. Always ensure that you understand your rebate and be prepared for costs if a rebate is no longer available.