How Can I Know That My Furnace Is Efficient

How Can I Know That My Furnace Is Efficient?

When the weather starts changing to cool, and then frigid cold, you’ve likely wondered about how efficient your furnace actually is. Everyone wants to be warm and comfortable all winter long. Having an efficient furnace can help you feel even more relaxed as you can feel assured that your heating costs will stay as low as possible.

But how can you know if your furnace is efficient or not? At EVAM Canada, we are heating experts and have more than 25 years of experience in furnace repair and installation. We know what helps keep a furnace running efficiently and are here to offer our best tips to ensure you have an efficiently working furnace all season long.

How efficient is my furnace?

Is your furnace getting a little old and you are worried that it may not be as efficient as it should be? The efficiency of your furnace should be located on a sticker that also details its model and serial number. If you have a modern furnace, its efficiency is likely good. It is important to remember that furnaces should be replaced every 15-20 years for both efficiency and health and safety concerns. If you have a very old furnace, it’s likely a good time to consider a replacement, even if you think it works just fine.

How can I boost heating efficiency in my home?

Your furnace is only one piece of the puzzle in having an efficiently heated home. There are other things you can do to boost the efficiency of your home and help make your furnaces job even easier. Consider improving the sealing and insulation of your home to help keep the warm air your furnace provides in your home, and cold air out.

How can I keep my furnace running efficiently?

If you have recently replaced your furnace you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to help keep it running efficiently for longer. Regular furnace maintenance and replacing your furnace filter are your first line of defence in having an efficient furnace that runs smoothly all winter long. Consider changing your furnace filter every three months for optimal air quality and improved efficiency. You can also check out our complete furnace maintenance checklist for everything you need to know about DIY furnace maintenance.

Can I get help with ensuring my furnace is running properly?

If DIY isn’t really your style, you still have options to ensure your furnace is running efficiently. Consider booking a qualified technician, such as the experts at EVAM Canada, to perform yearly maintenance on your furnace. They can assess the efficiency and health of your furnace as well as provide any basic maintenance tasks such as inspecting for any damage, lubricating the fan belt, and ensuring that the burner is clean.

Having a clean and well-maintained furnace will go a long way towards ensuring that your furnace runs optimally for years to come. If you are ever concerned about how your furnace is operating, do not hesitate to contact the experts at EVAM Canada.