How to Install a Furnace and Ductwork

How to Install a Furnace and Ductwork

Are you considering a do-it-yourself option for an upcoming project in your home or cottage? If you are currently in the midst of major renovations or a home building project, you’re likely concerned with keeping costs down. You might be considering installing your own ductwork and furnace, especially if you are a handy and have completed most of your project on your own. Unfortunately, it may not be a good idea to complete this task without assistance.

Your furnace and ductwork are an essential aspect of your home and completion of this part of a renovation should be done by an expert. Though in theory, you may have the skills to complete this on your own, the efficiency of your home will be affected by ductwork and a properly installed furnace. Consider reaching out to the experts at EVAM Canada for assistance in finding the right people to complete your job.

Can I add on to existing ductwork?

If you are considering adding an additional room or rooms to your home or cottage, you may be wondering if you can add new ductwork to part of the original system. It is possible to do this but it is likely a good idea to consult with a professional to ensure you maintain efficiency. Depending on the size of your addition, you may also need a larger furnace as the size of the home should correspond with the size of your furnace for optimal efficiency.

Do I need to hire an expert to install my furnace?

Installing your own furnace might seem like a good idea but in Ontario, it is mandatory that all gas appliances be installed by a TSSA certified technician. Installing a gas furnace could be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. It is critically important that you leave the install of a furnace to the professionals and never tamper with the install of your gas furnace. Always call a qualified technician such as the experts at EVAM Canada.

Who should I hire to install my furnace?

As you are not legally allowed to install your own furnace in Ontario, it is important that you choose a qualified and trustworthy technician to install your furnace. Consider choosing a reputable company with a wealth of experience to complete your job. At EVAM Canada we have more than 25 years of experience in furnace installation and repair. Not only can we confidently provide you with a safe and efficient install of your furnace, but we can also guide you towards the ideal furnace for your space.

There are many places where DIY is appropriate when it comes to furnaces, but installation is not one of them. Once you have your new furnace installed, consider using our complete furnace maintenance checklist to keep your furnace running optimally. At EVAM Canada we are committed to ensuring that your furnace is professionally installed and running efficiently all winter long. Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your furnace.