Does a Gas Furnace Use Electricity?

Does a Gas Furnace Use Electricity?

Navigating your gas and electricity bills can feel like a headache. When you are looking to cut down on the consumption of gas or electricity, knowing how the appliances in your home operate can be helpful in understanding what you can and cannot avoid using. If you’ve ever wondered, does a gas furnace use electricity, you may be surprised to learn that, yes, they do!

At EVAM Canada, we are the HVAC company Mississauga residents depend on when looking for support with emergency furnace repair and furnace installation services. We are dedicated to helping our customers understand how their furnace works and support them in keeping their furnaces running optimally for years to come. We are often asked about the efficiency of furnaces when customers are looking to reduce their heating expenses. In this post, we break down what you can expect when it comes to furnace electricity use so you can be better prepared for the winter season.

Why Does a Gas Furnace Use Electricity?

It may sound odd to some, but gas furnaces do use electricity! Though electricity is not what is used to heat your home, some parts of your furnace rely on electrical components to function. From its circuit board to blowers, your furnace relies on electricity to keep it running. Your furnace also likely has an electrical switch that can control whether it is lit or not too. Ask your trusted HVAC service provider to show you how your furnace works for a better understanding of why your furnace requires electricity.

How Many Watts Does a Furnace Use?

As electricity is not the main source of fuel for your furnace, you can feel good knowing that it really doesn’t use much electricity at all. The average furnace requires about 600 watts to operate. When you consider that the average home uses  29,360 watts/day, it makes it easy to see that your furnace is not a significant contributor to your electricity bills.

Will My Furnace Work if The Power Goes Out?

Your furnace requires electricity to power important components that make it “work.” This means that when the power goes out, your furnace stops working too. It may seem frustrating that your gas furnace requires electricity to function, but there really is no getting around it. If you have a backup generator for outages, you may want to consider prioritizing your furnace along with other important appliances such as fridges and freezers. As your furnace doesn’t use much electricity, many generators will be able to accommodate the wattage needs of a furnace.Navigating how your furnace works can feel overwhelming for many homeowners. At EVAM Canada, we are dedicated to supporting you with keeping your home comfortable all season long. Our DIY furnace maintenance guide makes knowing what to do easier. We are also always here to help if you are in need of emergency furnace repair or replacement services. Contact a member of our team today, and let us help you keep your home comfortable all season long.