How To Turn On A Furnace

If you have an automatic furnacing turning it on can be as simple as setting the thermostat to the desired temperature and simply pressing the on button for heat. As easy as this is to do on a cool day you don’t want to do this before you have done a few steps.

Performing some basic furnace maintenance will ensure that you have a functioning furnace to heat your home when you need it. Don’t wait until a cold winter day to get your furnace ready. Consider starting your regular furnace maintenance in the early fall or end of summer to ensure that it is ready to go, and you won’t be caught in the cold.

What to do before turning on your furnace?

Before turning on your furnace for the winter make sure you have completed the following tasks. To help you stay on top of your regular furnace maintenance we have created a DIY furnace maintenance checklist. Use this list to keep yourself on a regular maintenance schedule and ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

Cleaning – Cleanliness is important for your furnace. A clean furnace will function more efficiently and will last longer. Cleaning your furnace is as easy as taking a vacuum to the exterior of your furnace and changing the filter. Make sure that the area surrounding your furnace is clean and clear of any debris. Consider getting your ducts cleaned as part of your yearly maintenance routine.

Damage – Check the exterior of your furnace for any signs of damage. If you have obvious signs of damage to your furnace you may wish to contact a technician before turning it on.

Inspection – Inspect your furnace to ensure that all components are in working order, check for leaks in ductwork and issues with your unit.

What if my pilot light is out?

If your pilot light is out you will be required to relight the pilot light before you will be able to turn on your furnace. Although this is a necessary step you should still follow the steps above to make sure your furnace is ready before attempting to relight the pilot light.

Pay extra attention to cleaning and damage when looking at relighting your pilot light. Your pilot light may have gone out due to dirt or damage. Contact a technician if you require assistance in relighting your pilot light and always call your natural gas provider if you smell gas.

Should I contact a technician?

If your furnace is clean and in working order you should be able to set your furnace to your desired temperature. But if you have any concerns or need help with furnace maintenance or repairs it may be a good idea to call a qualified technician to help.

It is a good idea to get a yearly tune up for your furnace to ensure it runs effectively and safely throughout the winter months. Remember that keeping your furnace and surrounding are clean is a great way to stay on top of furnace maintenance.