Which Way Do Furnace Filters Face

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It’s time to change your furnace filter. You have the new one ready to go and have removed the old one. So now what? It’s important to make sure that your furnace filter is placed correctly. An improperly replaced air filter can lead to a variety of problems for your furnace as well as cause it to run inefficiently. This leaves us with the question, which way do furnace filters face?

Although it could be as simple as observing how the old filter went in, there are two simple steps you should take before installing your new furnace filter.

Step 1: Locate the arrow on your new furnace filter. This arrow should towards the furnace. If you are switching brands of furnace filters it you may wish to consider taking a look for this arrow to ensure it is the same as filters you have used in the past.

Step 2: That’s it! Once this is done you have successfully replaced your furnace filter and are ready to go.

As you can see, replacing your furnace filter is a simple task that can be done on your own. There is no need to fear changing your furnace filter.

How often should I replace my furnace filter?

Now that you know how to replace your furnace filter correctly you should make a note for yourself to ensure you are replacing your furnace filter often enough. As a general rule it is a good idea to change your furnace filter monthly while it is in use.

Changing your furnace filter regularly has many benefits including keeping your furnace running efficiently and extending its life. In addition to these important benefits it also provides improved air quality to your home. If you live with pets or in a dusty environment, you may wish to consider changing your furnace filter more regularly in order to achieve optimal air quality within you home.

Get on a maintenance schedule

Changing your furnace filter is just one important step to ensuring that you have a healthy and efficient furnace all winter long. In addition to regular furnace filter replacements, you may wish to consider following our furnace maintenance checklist to help you make sure that you have a furnace ready for cold winter days.

It is important to keep your furnace clean and in good working order to help avoid emergency situations and extend the life of your furnace. Many of the items on our maintenance checklist can be performed on your own with little equipment. Simple tasks such as keeping the unit clean and vacuuming your vents can help you keep your furnace healthy.

If you are uncomfortable doing DIY furnace maintenance or have concerns about your furnace’s performance, it may be a good idea to get in touch with a technician. A qualified technician will help you feel confident that your furnace is in good order and ready for the winter season.

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