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Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner In The Winter?

Last updated on September 28th, 2021

If you’ve ever seen a covered air conditioner on one of your neighbours’ homes you may be wondering if this is something you should be doing too. Air conditioner covers can keep snow and debris out of your ac unit. It might seem like it would be important to cover your air conditioner, but it may not be necessary depending on where you live.

Most air conditioners do not need to be covered in winter but there are a few exceptions. This post will help you determine whether you need to cover up your air conditioner unit in the winter months or leave it as is.

Why wouldn’t I cover my air conditioner?

Although well intentioned, covering your air conditioner may cause you more problems than prevent them. This is due to the fact that a covered air condition can attract an assortment of unwanted guests. Animals can enter a covered air conditioner and use it as a shelter for the winter. This runs a risk of animals damaging your air conditioner as well as it may leave nests and feces in the unit. An animal in your air conditioner can be a real problem and can be prevented by not covering your unit.

Mold and mildew may also accumulate inside of a covered air conditioner. Blocking airflow to the unit in wet months can cause a buildup of mold. This can cause your air conditioner to become blocked and not be able to run efficiently. If it is not necessary for you to cover your air conditioner it may be more beneficial for you to keep it uncovered to avoid these potential problems.

When should I cover my air conditioner?

If you are in for some truly terrible weather it may be a good idea to consider temporarily covering your air conditioner. If you are expecting to experience a severe storm that involves hail or a potential for debris to damage your unit, covering it may be a good idea. You may also choose to cover your air conditioner unit in the winter if you live in a climate that experiences severe winters.

Covering your air conditioner is a preference but it is not a necessity and may actually contribute to damage to your unit. If you choose to not cover your air conditioner that is ok. It is made to be outside in all types of weather and you may even avoid some issues by not using a cover.

What should I do in the winter?

It is perfectly fine to leave your air conditioner uncovered in the winter. But you should still perform regular maintenance on your air conditioner to ensure it will run efficiently in the summer months. The most important thing you can do to at home to help your air conditioner perform better is to keep it clean. Remove tall weeds and any debris that may be around your unit.

You may wish to consider using our DIY air conditioner maintenance guide to help you stay on top of your regular maintenance. If you don’t feel comfortable maintaining your air conditioner on your own, consider calling a qualified technician.