What to do when your AC is short cycling

If you are experiencing problems with your air conditioner turning on and off again in short increments you are very likely dealing with a short cycling issue. When an AC unit is shorty cycling it will turn on and then off again for short periods of time. This means that your air conditioner is working inefficiently, and it will not function properly or cool your house. A short cycling problem does need attention for the sake of your comfort in your home as well as for your air conditioner’s lifespan. The good new is that you maybe be able to fix this is on your own. In this post we will discuss reasons why your ac may be short cycling and help you decide if you need to obtain outside help.

Reasons why an AC short cycles

There are four main reasons as to why your air conditioning may be short cycling. Some of these reasons are complicated and will require assistance to fix while others you should be able to do on your own with minimal equipment.

  • Your evaporator coils are frozen – As the seasons change from hot to cool in Canada this can easily become a problem. Evaporator coils freeze when you run your air conditioner while it is cold outside. Thankfully this is often fixed easily by simply turning off your ac and allowing the coils to thaw. Keep in mind that if this problem happens repeatedly even after perform this DIY fix you should consider contacting a technician. It is a good idea to keep and eye on temperatures to ensure you are not running your ac when it is cool outside.
  • Your air filter is clogged or dirty – As we have discussed in previous articles it is a good idea to follow a DIY air conditioner maintenance plan to ensure optimal performance of your air conditioner. If your unit is clogged or dirty it may short circuit. To fix this problem check out of article on DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance.
  • Your AC is low on refrigerant – Although this is an easy to fix problem it is best to call a technician to help you with this issue. Low refrigerant makes your AC work harder causing it to shut off more often and work inefficiently.
  • Your AC is too big – If your AC unit is too big for your home it will turn off frequently after cooling your home rapidly. This makes your AC unit work harder and increases your energy bills. Contact a technician to determine if your AC is the correct size for your home.

What should I do?

After performing the DIY task of turning off your AC unit and clearing the air filter you should see an improvement in your ac short cycling. If you continue to have issues with short cycling it may be a good idea to contact a technician. An efficient AC unit is good for your comfort and electricity bills, don’t waste your money by not solving this common issue.