Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance in Mississauga

Spring is approaching, and it’s the ideal time to start thinking about air conditioning maintenance. Mississauga home owners can get a jump on their spring to-do list by ensuring that their home’s air conditioning system is working in top shape. Each year, your A/C unit will require regular maintenance to ensure it can cool your house evenly and efficiently.

Whether you do-it-yourself or hire an air conditioning technician, the following are some of the key maintenance tasks that need to be performed:

Outside Maintenance
Ensure that all bushes, leaves, twigs and other debris are cleared away from the external unit of your air conditioning system. This is essential to make sure your equipment has proper air flow and to avoid overheating.

You’ll also need to inspect the unit for any signs of exterior damage that may have occurred over the winter. After inspecting the outside, detach the outer housing of the unit (with power turned off, of course!) to get a closer look at the internal parts. If you notice any broken connections or deterioration of the tubes and wires, you’ll need to contact an air conditioning maintenance professional before you turn your system on.

The condenser coils are another key area to check. As part of your spring maintenance, clean and vacuum the coils with a shop vac to remove leaves, grass and other kinds of debris that have accumulated. You can repeat this process several times over the length of the cooling season to keep your air conditioning running well.

Indoor Maintenance
A very simple, but often overlooked spring maintenance task is to vacuum all indoor air vents within your home. This will allow them to work their best and properly distribute cooled air throughout your house. Don’t forget to vacuum around the indoor portion of your air conditioning unit as well.

Another important part of air conditioning maintenance for Mississauga home owners is to ensure the unit has proper drainage. Most air conditioners have a drainage hole in the base of the cabinet underneath the evaporator fins. This hole must be kept clear for the A/C unit to function correctly. Check to see if the hole is clear.

Finally, change the filter in your air conditioner. This is just as essential as changing your furnace’s filter to make sure that the air throughout your home is clean, and your air conditioner is performing at peak efficiency.

If you’re looking to have your A/C unit up and running in time for cooling season, contact the experts in air conditioning maintenance Mississauga’s residents trust. Evam Canada’s technicians are here to help. Get a quote on your air conditioner maintenance today!