Emergency Water Heater Repairs You Should Fix Immediately

Discovering that you have a poorly functioning or broken hot water heater is something no one likes to deal with. Turning on the shower or tap to find that all you’ve got is cold water can really put a damper on your day. But it’s important to note that a lack of hot water is more than just a sign that you’ve run out of heated water – it could indicate a more serious issue that requires emergency water heater repair.

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater in your home, the following are emergency water heater repairs that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

No Hot Water
If you have an electric hot water heater, the answer to this solution may be as simple as flipping a breaker. However, having no hot water at all could be the result of something much more serious. From faulty heating elements in electric hot water heaters to pilot light and gas line issues in gas water heaters, a professional is likely required to make this fix.

Leaky Water Tank
If the actual tank of your water heater is leaking, you have a major problem on your hands. Even a small leak can result in big damages to your home and its contents over time. Call in a pro to determine whether the leak is coming directly from your tank or one of its connections. If it’s the tank itself, you’ll likely need to replace your water heater entirely.

Water is Too Hot

If the water from your heater is uncomfortably hot, you’ll want to check the thermostat first. Reduce the temperature if possible and test your water. Should you still be finding the water too hot, call in an expert for further investigation.

Rust Coloured Water
Is rusty-coloured water coming out of your faucets? Your hot water tank may be corroding, or the anode rod inside may be failing (which is designed to dissolve slowly within the tank to prevent rusting). You may need a brand new tank or a replacement rod.

Strange Sounds
Hearing strange bubbling or popping sounds from your water heater? The noise you hear is likely the sound of water boiling. When there is an excessive buildup of sediment in the bottom of your tank, the bottom of the tank can overheat and cause water to not just heat up, but to actually boil. Contact an emergency water heater repair professional immediately.

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