Choosing Installers for Your Gas Fireplace in Mississauga

Installing a high-efficiency gas fireplace is no easy task. Though it may be tempting to hire a local handyman or general contractor to install your fireplace, or even attempt to do it yourself, the result may be an improperly installed, or even unsafe gas fireplace. Mississauga home owners are best to turn to a specialized professional when it comes to adding a new direct vent or natural vent gas fireplace, or retrofitting an existing fireplace.

The following are important tips and factors to consider when choosing the right installation crew for your new gas fireplace:

  1. What Kind of Installations Do They Offer?
    There are a few different ways your natural gas fireplace can be installed in your home, depending on the venting option you select. A natural vent gas fireplace draws in air from your home, and vents all products of the combustion process directly outside via a single pipe. A direct vent gas fireplace is more flexible in its placement, and can be vented vertically through your roof or horizontally through a wall. A fireplace expert can help you choose the right type of installation.
  2. Are They Serious About Safety?

Installing a gas fireplace can be a complex endeavor. Gas is a potential explosive, and the CO2 it produces during combustion can become incredibly dangerous to the people living in your home. Any fireplace installer that you evaluate must take these safety concerns very seriously, checking their work along the way and taking all necessary precautions to avoid compromising the health and safety of your family. This means using the proper venting techniques, testing equipment and safety measures.

  1. Are They Certified Natural Gas Technicians?
    In order to install your natural gas fireplace in Mississauga, your technicians must be certified to work with natural gas safely. A botched natural gas connection can be deadly for you and your family, so be sure to inquire about the certifications of any employees who will be on-site for the install.
  2. Can They Offer References & Work Samples?
    Before you make your final decision, ask potential fireplace installers to show you examples of their work, in photos or even better, in person! This way you can truly get a feel for the quality of their installations and the products offered. Additionally, ask for references from past customers to ensure they are satisfied with the work performed.

When you’re looking to have a gas fireplace installed in your Mississauga home, look no further than Evam Canada. Our certified natural gas fireplace experts are here to help you choose the right fireplace and venting solution so you can add ambiance to your room safely!

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