Tips for Adjusting Your Hot Water Heater Settings

Though many home owners never do so, it is possible to adjust the temperature of your hot water by adjusting your hot water heater settings. If you find that the water throughout your home is too hot, or not quite hot enough, you can decrease or increase the temperature slightly to make it more comfortable. Or, if you’d like to save on your energy bills, you can reduce your hot water temperature by a few degrees to start seeing an impact.

Changing your hot water heater settings too much can result in water that is scalding hot, so remember to test the temperature after each minor adjustment you make! The following are our top tips for adjusting your water heater safely and easily:

  • The recommended temperature for your water heater is 120 degrees Fahrenheit, and this is the default temperature that most water heaters are set to when installed. If your water seems a little too hot or too cool, check the current temperature and adjust it accordingly.
  • Gas water heaters usually have a knob to adjust the heat setting. It’s important to note that turning the dial to the left will increase the temperature, while turning it to the right will decrease the water temperature.
  • If you have an electric water heater, you may need a few tools like a screwdriver or wrench to adjust your hot water heater settings. First, turn of the circuit breaker and remove the access panels. Find the thermostat and use a flat head screwdriver to adjust the knob to your desired temperature.
  • After any adjustment, run a faucet on the hottest setting for one minute. Fill a cup with a few inches of this water and use a cooking thermometer to determine the actual temperature of the water. Wait about 30 seconds for an accurate reading.
  • Hotter temperatures are more effective at killing bacteria (making your dishwasher and laundry more effective) but can scald younger children or the elderly during bathing. Consider the needs of your household before raising the temperature of your hot water heater.
  • If you get no hot water at all after adjusting the thermostat, you may be dealing with a larger issue. The hot water heater’s heating element may be malfunctioning and requires replacement, which can be done with the help of a technician.

A professional water heater technician can adjust the settings of your water heater, so we suggest calling in an expert water heater repair specialist if you don’t feel comfortable with a DIY approach. Schedule an appointment with Evam Canada online today or call 1-905-624-5544 to have a hot water heater professional change your settings.