Tankless Water Heater Repair and Maintenance Tips

tankless water heater maintenance

Many home owners see tankless water heaters as a great upgrade to their current tank water heater. There’s no doubt that the convenience and efficiency of on-demand tankless models make them a wonderful choice for your home, but you should keep in mind that tankless water heater repair and maintenance is still essential to enjoy hot water for years to come.

Though tankless models tend to have fewer issues than traditional water heaters, it’s important that you take care to keep your equipment in top shape. Try these tankless water heater repair and maintenance tips to keep your water heater working great:

Prevent Buildup
Hard water can cause major issues for your tankless hot water heater, causing scale buildup on the interior of the unit. Over time, this buildup can cause the system to shut down entirely. If you don’t already have one, installing a water softener can extend the lifespan of your tankless system and make an unexpected shutdown less likely.

Flush the Unit
Just like a tank water heater, a tankless water heater should be flushed regularly with a mixture of water and white vinegar. To do so, you will need a small submersible pump, hoses and a bucket to cycle the vinegar-water mixture through the unit. We recommend having a tankless water heater repair expert assist with this maintenance task every six months to two years.

Check the Temperature
You should also regularly check the temperature of your unit to ensure it hasn’t been set incorrectly or to adjust it to your household’s needs. As a general rule, a safe temperature is around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, but you may wish to reduce the temperature if you have children or family members with sensitive skin.

System Overload
If several people in your home are using hot water at the same time, your tankless water heater can become overloaded due to demand and will either fail to deliver hot water or shut down completely. If this occurs, you can reduce the demand for hot water, or try resetting the unit. Should you find this happening often, you may need to upgrade to a larger water heater or consider installing a secondary tankless unit.

Need More Tankless Water Heater Repair Tips?

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