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Why is My Hot Water Heater Leaking?

Last updated on September 28th, 2021

When you discover a pool of water surrounding your hot water tank, it can be the result of your hot water heater leaking – but don’t panic. Your next step should always be to turn off the power to your water heater so you can safely begin identifying the source of the leak.

If you have a gas water heater, look for the on/off switch and turn it to the “off” position to shut the unit down. If you have an electric hot water heater, find the breaker for your water heater at the circuit breaker box and switch it off.

Now you are ready to determine why your hot water heater is leaking and how you can stop it. In this article, we will outline the most common causes of hot water heater leaks to help you identify your specific problem.

  1. Water Supply Line Leak
    If you find that water is leaking from the lines that supply water at the top of your hot water heater, you should first shut off the water supply to your home to prevent further leakage. Fixing this type of leak could require a simple tightening of the connections or may require total replacement of the supply lines.
  2. Leaking Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve
    Water can sometimes leak from the temperature and pressure relief valve (T&P), which is a feature integrated into your water heater to release excess pressure when detected. A leak from this area may mean the valve is defective and requires replacement, which should be performed immediately for your safety.
  3. Drain Valve Leak
    A leak at the drain valve near the bottom of your water heater may mean your drain valve is not completely closed or is faulty, and often happens after your water heater has been flushed or drained. The drain valve can be replaced by a professional, who will shut down your water heater and drain it completely to perform the repair.
  4.  Hot Water Heater Leaking from Tank
    If you’ve ruled out the above sources of leaks, it is highly likely that the hot water tank has developed a leak over time due to age and deterioration. Unfortunately, a leaking tank cannot be repaired and requires complete replacement. A water heater expert can help you choose a new unit that suits your needs.

Need a professional to solve your hot water heater leaking problems? The knowledgeable technicians at Evam Canada are here for all your water heater repair needs. We also offer one-time and regularly scheduled water heater maintenance plans to help you prevent leaks and other problems before they happen.

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