Furnace Exhaust Fan Noise: Troubleshooting Tips

When your HVAC system is making unfamiliar or loud sounds, it can be a cause for concern. Not only are furnace exhaust fan noises disruptive, they may also indicate potential problems within your furnace that need to be repaired immediately.

A furnace exhaust fan in need of repair is of particular concern, since it is such a critical component of your system. The exhaust fan is designed to draw out the exhaust fumes that are created when the natural gas or oil fuel source is burned to heat your home. If you notice unusual sounds coming from your exhaust fan, we recommend performing these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Inspect the Fan
    While your furnace is powered on, take a look at how your fan is running to see if you can pinpoint exactly where the noise is coming from. This will help you diagnose the issue and know exactly where to start looking.
  2. Clean the Fan
    After turning off your furnace completely, examine the fan for dirt and debris, and clean it if necessary. Also check that the fan turns easily. If you find it is stiff, lubricate the fan wheel with an appropriate lubricant. Check your furnace’s manual for further details.
  3. Look for a Loose Belt
    A loose fan belt can cause the fan to turn off-balance and make unwanted noises. Replace a loose belt with the correct model, ensuring it is correctly seated in the belt groove so that the fan can rotate smoothly.
  4. Poor Installation
    Your exhaust fan and motor may have been installed incorrectly, causing abnormal noises during operation. If you suspect that it has been installed poorly, have a service technician come and inspect the exhaust fan and motor to recommend a solution.
  5. Worn-Out Motor
    A worn-out exhaust fan motor can cause the components to operate at less-than-optimal performance. In most cases, a repair to your exhaust fan motor requires a complete replacement of the fan and related components, which should be handled by a pro.
  6. Replace
    If the above DIY furnace repair steps did not address the furnace exhaust fan noise, it’s time to call in a professional. You may require a full replacement of the exhaust fan components to resolve the noise issue and restore your furnace to its maximum efficiency.

Evam Canada is here to help you put an end to annoying furnace exhaust fan noises. If you’re still not sure how to fix your noisy equipment, our emergency furnace repair specialists can help and make your home comfortable and quiet again.

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