Where Is The Blower Motor on a Furnace?

What is A Blower Motor?

If you’ve ever wondered how the hot air that your furnace makes gets to you, then you can thank your blower motor. The blower motor is a critical component of the furnace that takes care of turning a fan that will then circulate warm air from your furnace into your home. Without a working blower motor, you furnace will simply not heat your home.

There are two types of blower motors that you could have. Your home furnace will have either a variable or single speed blower motor. While both will keep you warm and comfortable, they function in different ways. A single seed motor will turn on and off depending on the setting of your thermostat. While a variable speed blower will change speeds to help keep a consistent flow of warm air through your home.

Where Is It?

The blower motor of your furnace is located in the main service panel and is inside the blower itself. The blower motor is circular and will have wires attached to it. Although each furnace manufacturer will make a different product, the blower motor should always be found here. Some furnaces will have easier access to the blower motor than others. Remember to always turn off your furnace before inspecting its internal components.

If you are not confident in inspecting your blower motor or the internal components of your furnace on your own, call a qualified technician. They can help with both furnace maintenance and any performance concerns your may have with your furnace.

Common Problems

Although it can be difficult to self-diagnose the furnace issues you may be experiencing there are signs when it could be your blower motor that’s not working. A tell-tale sign of an issue with a blower motor is a furnace that is constantly running without heating your home. This problem is caused by your blower motor as although your furnace is heating air the blower motor is simply not doing its job to get the warm air to you.

If your furnace is not working properly it is always a good idea to consider getting an expert opinion. With the help of a qualified technician from EVAM Canada you can be confident that all issues with your furnace are addressed. It is important to remember that you should conduct regular maintenance on your furnace to ensure it is running optimally.

When Does it Need Maintenance?

In order to help prevent issues with your furnace you will need to conduct regular maintenance. See our complete furnace maintenance checklist for information on the tasks that you can complete at home to help your furnace stay running efficiently.

There are many DIY tasks that you can do on your own to help keep your furnace in great shape. But if DIY isn’t your thing you can always schedule regular furnace maintenance with EVAM Canada. Maintenance is an import step in ensuring your home is warm and comfortable all winter long.