Where Can I Find My Air Conditioner Filter

Where Can I Find My Air Conditioner Filter?

If you’ve started to notice that your air conditioner is no longer maintaining the set temperature of your home, there are a few possible issues that could be occurring. Though an air conditioner not keeping your home cool could be a sign of a larger issue, it is frequently the case that the air filter for the unit simply needs to be replaced. When you have concerns about your air conditioner not keeping its cool, always consider checking the filter first.

At EVAM Canada, we understand that troubleshooting your own air conditioner woes can be confusing. We want to help ensure you feel confident knowing when a simple fix, like changing a filer, can be done on your own and also when it’s time to call in an experienced technician. With more than 25 years of experience and a commitment to providing you with the best customer experience, we are the air conditioner installation and repair experts you can rely on. In this post, we give you tips on finding your air conditioner filter as well as offer support in knowing how to keep your air conditioner running well all season long.

Need some extra support, or are confident that you’re in need of an emergency air conditioner repair? Contact the experts at EVAM Canada. We look forward to helping you stay cool and comfortable all through the sunny season.

Where is the Air Conditioner Filter?

In many cases, your air conditioner will share the same ductwork as your furnace. In fact, your furnace likely plays a role in circulating cool air through your home with its fan. If this sounds like your air conditioner, then your air filter will generally be located within your furnace. Some homeowners are surprised to learn that their air conditioner filter is the same as their furnace filter though really, it makes sense! These systems are connected, and knowing where your furnace filter is will be beneficial to you during both the winter and summer months.

To find your air conditioner filter within your furnace, simply open the door panel on your furnace and look for the filter. It will typically be located at either the cold air duct or near the blower fan. To replace your air conditioner filter or furnace filter, simply slide the old filter out and replace it with a new filter of the same size. Our Ultimate Furnace Filter Guide offers insight into when you should replace your furnace filter and also help you understand which furnace filter you should buy.

If you have a portable or window air condition unit, you may have a separate filter system that will require cleaning or replacing. Refer to the user manual of your portable air conditioner to better understand when it is time and how to change your air conditioner filter. Keep in mind that even when you are using a portable air conditioner or window-mounted air conditioner, you will still need to replace your furnace filter regularly. Typically, every three months is an appropriate time interval to change your furnace filter, even when it is not heating your home.

Understanding when and how to change your air conditioner filter is the first step in keeping your unit running efficiently, all season long. If you are having difficulty locating your filter or have changed the filter and are still experiencing issues, contact the experts at EVAM Canada. We look forward to helping you determine the issue with your air conditioner and help you regain comfort in your home.