Noise Coming From AC Compressor

An air conditioner can make plenty of noises – some are normal, while some not. If you’ve identified a problematic noise coming from your AC compressor, it’s wise to look into it further and determine the cause and resolve the issue before it can cause costly damage or failure of your system altogether.

Here, we’ve listed some of the most common causes of noises coming from an AC compressor. If you suspect any of these problems, shut your air conditioner off immediately and contact a repair technician as soon as possible:

Banging Sound – There is likely a broken off or lose part rattling around inside your AC compressor.  Depending on the damage that has been caused, you may need to replace the compressor or system in its entirety.

Bubbling or Hissing Sound – These types of noises can indicate a refrigerant leak. This is an incredibly serious problem that means dangerous refrigerant is leaking out into the environment.

Clanking Sound – A clanking sound typically indicates that internal mounts have become loose from the motor, which is rattling inside the compressor can.

Buzzing Sound – Buzzing may mean a number of things, from a failing motor to a dirty condenser coil or loose parts. It is best to call in a pro who can resolve one or more of these issues before a larger repair becomes necessary.

Clicking Sound – If relays and controls are damaged or functioning improperly, they can make a clicking noise as they try (but fail) to function.

Screeching Sound – A screeching noise coming from your AC compressor could indicate that highly dangerous pressure has built up inside the compressor. Be sure to shut the unit off right away.

Humming Sound – The motor in your AC unit may not be starting, or the compressor motor has failed completely. Humming can also indicate that your compressor is low on oil.

If the noise coming from AC compressor components is still not resolved, local experts are on hand to help. At Evam Canada, we have highly trained air conditioning repair specialists with experience in all makes and models of AC units. Trust our team to resolve your AC noise issues and ensure your system is performing efficiently.

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