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How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Air Conditioner?

Last updated on September 28th, 2021

When you find that your air conditioning is not functioning as well as it used to, or simply isn’t working at all, you may find yourself asking, “How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner?”. However, there is no easy answer to this question. There are several factors that will impact the cost of your replacement air conditioner, including the size of your home, how your ductwork is run, the location of your AC unit and many others.

On this page, we’ll give you a rough estimate of how much it costs to replace an air conditioner, but we highly recommend contacting an expert for a more detailed quote.

When it comes to the actual air conditioning unit, you can expect to pay around $2500-$6000 or even more, depending on the specific equipment you choose. In general, smaller homes will need smaller-sized and less costly air conditioners, while larger homes need larger and more expensive air conditioners. On top of the cost of the air conditioning unit itself, you’ll also have to factor in the cost of expert installation.

Size Considerations

Size is always the most important factor when you think, “How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner?”. AC units are measured in tonnes, which is the amount of heat they are able to remove from a home within one hour. An expert can determine the square footage of your home and advise you on which units will best serve your space.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency ratings are another factor that affects the cost of replacing your air conditioner. SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) is the measure of an air conditioner’s total cooling output (BTUs) divided by its total electrical energy input. The higher the SEER, the more efficient your air conditioner will be.

Personal Choice

Of course, the cost of your air conditioning system will also come down to your own personal choice. You may choose an advanced AC unit that features all the bells and whistles, or choose a compact-sized unit, or one with low operating noise. Ultimately, the particular air conditioner you select will impact the overall cost of replacement.

Still wondering, “How much does it cost to replace an air conditioner”? For more detailed information on replacing your air conditioner, and for an accurate quote on your new air conditioning system, contact us online or call 1-905-624-5544 for an appointment.