Air Conditioner Screeching Noise: What Does it Mean?

If you are wondering what an air conditioner screeching noise means, you’re in the right place. A screeching, screaming, or hissing sound coming from your AC compressor at the outdoor portion of your system is typically caused by excessive internal pressure or a refrigerant leak, and both problems can be incredibly dangerous.

First of all, if you hear a high-pitched screeching noise, shut your air conditioner off right away. Some air conditioning units might shut themselves off as a sensor has detected a problem and is protecting you from potential danger. Do not ignore this sign of greater issues before they can become a real hazard.

Refrigerant Leaks
Leaking refrigerant can cause a screeching or hissing sound as it leaks and comes in contact with the compressor. Air conditioner screeching noises caused by refrigerant leaks are very dangerous as they pose a serious health risk to your family. Toxic refrigerant can leak out into the surrounding environment and come in contact with pets, humans and other property, causing extensive damage.

High Internal Pressure
A build-up of pressure inside the AC compressor can also cause a screeching or screaming noise. This is another dangerous situation, as the high pressure can build up and cause an explosion. Though an AC usually has a sensor that shuts down the system when the pressure gets to a high level. However, your compressor may still continue to run. If you are hearing a screeching noise, shut off your unit manually and have a technician come out immediately to look at your equipment.

If your air conditioner screeching noise has you concerned, your instincts are correct. Always shut off your AC equipment immediately and contact a professional repair technician as soon as possible. Ignoring an air conditioner screeching noise can not only cause serious damage to your system, but can also result in a dangerous explosion that has the potential to harm you or your family.

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