When to Avoid Running Your AC to Save More Money

Summer’s here, and with that comes high temperatures and unfortunately, even higher energy bills. So, how can you take action to cut down on your utility bills while still enjoying a cool and comfortable home?
Evam Canada says the key is to avoid using your A/C unit as much as possible. If you love a nice cool home, this may seem counter-intuitive to maintaining the perfect temperature. However, you actually don’t need to run your air conditioner all the time to beat the heat. While running your AC during the summer months will naturally increase your utility bills, there are ways to reduce the impact on your wallet. The following are essential times to avoid using your air conditioner to maximize your energy savings.

When You’re at Work
Is your home typically empty from 9 to 5? Turn your thermostat up before you leave in the morning and don’t turn it on again until you get home. Experts recommend an away temperature of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Most A/C units only take a few minutes to start cooling your home, so it won’t be long until the air is a cool, comfortable temperature.

When You’re Away for Extended Periods
Your A/C should only run when you are actually in your home. While some believe in the theory that keeping your air conditioner running at a consistent temperature around the clock saves more energy, this is actually not true. If you’re planning on leaving for a few days or more, turn your air conditioner up as high as possible– or off.

While You’re Asleep
Your body can tolerate higher temperatures while you are asleep compared to when you are awake. Set your air conditioner to run less during the hours you are sleeping, starting around one or two hours before bedtime. If you really need a cooler temperature to fall asleep, set your programmable thermostat to stop cooling around the time you expect to be asleep.

When You’re Using a Dehumidifier
Avoid using your air conditioner and your dehumidifier at the same time. These two systems work in opposition: the dehumidifier heats the air while the A/C unit cools the air. Using your dehumidifier will increase the cooling load and therefore require your air conditioning to work harder, increasing your energy bills.

During Peak Hours
Of course, always try to avoid over-using your air conditioner during your energy provider’s peak hours. When you do turn on the A/C, don’t set it at a colder temperature than normal in the hopes of cooling your home off faster. This will not cool your home any faster and will simply result in unnecessary expense. For each degree that you turn your thermostat below 78 degrees Fahrenheit, your energy consumption will increase by an estimated 3-4%.
By avoiding using your air conditioner at certain times throughout the day, you can have a real impact on your energy bills. Do you have another tip to beat the heat while cutting back on your A/C use? Let us know in the comments below!