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Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist

Last updated on September 28th, 2021

To keep your air conditioner running efficiently you need to keep up to date with regular maintenance. This can seem overwhelming but by staying organized and completing this DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance Checklist you will be able to stay on track and keep your AC running smooth all summer long. This list compiles tasks that you can do on your own with little equipment to ensure that your AC unit stays in great shape. Use these tips and learn how air conditioning works to get started.

  • Clear the area around your air conditioner
  • Keep your AC unit level
  • Clean the condenser
  • Change the filters
  • Clean the condensation lines
  • Clean the exterior coils
  • Clean the fins
  • Clean the evaporator
  • Check your ductwork

Exterior surroundings and the Condenser

Cleaning up the area around your air conditioner is a quick and easy DIY task. Make sure to remove tall grass, rocks and sticks from the area surrounding your air condition unit. This is a continuous task that should be repeated often to help prevent debris from entering you air conditioner and will make cleaning your condenser easier. While completing this task take a look at the concrete your air conditioner sitting on. If it is not level it can affect the performance of your air conditioner and you should replace it.

When cleaning the condenser, you must ensure that you have powered off the unit. Once off you may open up your air conditioner to see if any debris such as rocks, leaves and sticks have entered your unit. Removing these items will help your air conditioner to run more efficiently. Cleaning the condenser is a more involved task. You may wish to contact a technician to do this for you.

Filters, Condensation lines and exterior parts

Cleaning of filters, condensation lines, exterior coils and fins are all simple tasks that you can learn to do on your own. These small tasks will help extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure it is running optimally and providing you with superior performance.

It is suggested by Money Talks News that you clean your filter once a month. Cleaning this one item is quick easy, and inexpensive to do. Unlike the filter cleaning the filter, condensation lines require you to take apart pieces of the air conditioning unit.  If you are unsure if your condensation lines are draining properly you can clean them yourself or call a technician to assist you.

The fins and coils of your air conditioner are located on the exterior of the unit. They easily collect dust and dirt from the outdoors. Along with keeping the area around your air conditioner free and clean or potential debris it is important to clean these areas. This simple cleaning can be done by using a soft brush to remove dirt and then spraying the unit with water to wash off leftover debris.

Maintenance Schedule

spring air conditioner maintenance


Cleaning area around your Air Conditioner – although this is a continuous task, take the time to get bigger objects out of the way in the spring. The cleaner the area is the easier this task will be during the summer months.

Cleaning of the Condenser – this task involves taking apart some of your air conditioning unit. Consider getting this done by a professional well before you need to use your air conditioner. At this time a technician may also check for any other issues with your unit.

Ensure Air Conditioner is level – use a level to check if your air conditioner is sitting level on the ground. If it is not level, you may have to replace the concrete block that it sits on.

Check your ductwork – Checking your ductwork for leaks will ensure that your air conditioner is working as efficiently as possible. Leaks in ducts can cause your air conditioner to work harder than it needs to. Take time when you may not need your air conditioner or furnace to get these checked.


Replace filters – This task should be done once a month while your air conditioner is in use. Replace it before you turn it on for the first time and then continue to change it each month until you are done using it for the summer season.

Clean condensation lines – cleaning of condensation lines should be done before you turn your air conditioning unit on. This ensures that there are no blockages and you will not have any issues with condensation backing up into your system.

Clean exterior parts – cleaning of exterior parts of your air conditioner such as the fins and coils is a once per season task that can be completed quickly and easily. Do this task before turning the unit on to ensure it is ready to function properly.

Fall & Winter:

Turn off the power – There is no need to keep the power connected to your air conditioner during the winter. This step will ensure the air conditioner does not turn on during a warmer than typical winter day.

Clean up – Do your last clean of the area for the off season. Keeping this area clean reduces springtime work.

Clean and Cover the unit – take time to clean the exterior of the unit. Consider purchasing a cover for your air conditioner to keep it clean and clear of debris during the fall and winter months.

Benefits of DIY Maintenance

Using a DIY Air Conditioner maintenance checklist is a great way to save money by completing tasks yourself. This regular maintenance will ensure that your air conditioner is in great shape and runs efficiently for years to come. These simple tasks included in this article serve as a great guide to assist you in knowing what you should be doing to keep your air conditioner running smoothly. If you’re not the hands-on type, these tasks can be performed for you by a technician. A professional can help you identify any issues with your air conditioning unit For more information on how conditioners work check out our other great blog articles.