Hot Water Tank:

Electric hot water heaters use a simple heating element to heat the water and store the heated water until it is required. Gas hot water heaters employ a similar heating system. Storage tanks have remained virtually unchanged in the operation for many decades. Evam Canada Sells and installs Hot Water Tanks. We carry different Brands that fit all budgets.

Tankless Water Heater:

Traditional electric hot water storage tank water heaters have been used in commercial and residential applications for many years in Canada. While most household appliances have taken great strides in terms of new technology and efficiency, the traditional hot water heater has not. Most people are aware of the problems associated with standard water heaters as we have all run out of hot water at the most inconvenient times, mostly in winter or on the week end when it’s hard to get a plumber. With the cost of energy on the rise and energy efficient products and the environment top of mind with more and more consumers interest in on demand or electric tankless hot water heaters has increased dramatically in Canada during the past fifteen years.

The concept behind a tankless electric hot water heater is to only heat water as it is needed. This removes the need for a bulky hot water storage tank, saving space and saving energy. Almost every major shortcoming of a traditional electric hot water heater is addressed by an electric tankless hot water heater.

We carry all the major brands. Please call us for more details on the difference between Tank and Tankless Water Heaters.


Water Heater Repair and Service:

Our qualified, experienced service technicians offer you fast repair and service for your hot water system. We service Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Brampton and the surrounding area 7 days a week.

 tick Complete integrated solutions to all your hot water requirements.
 tick Our friendly service technicians offer prompt, friendly, quality service. All at very competitive process.
 tick Our service trucks are fully stocked with new hot water systems and parts to ensure your hot water heater is repaired or replaced quickly and efficiently.
 tick We offer free delivery on all new hot water systems – at a time that suits you.
 tick All work is carried out by our trained and qualified technicians. We do not employee sub-contractors or outsource work to unskilled workers

We Repair and Service all Water Heater Brands.

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