If you’re researching how to repair air conditioner problems, you’ve come to the right place! The experts at Evam Canada have created the following how-to guide to assist you in diagnosing your air conditioner’s problems and perform common repairs to get it working again.

While your safest bet is to call a professional air conditioning service technician to look at your AC unit, there are some do-it-yourself repairs you can try to fix your cooling system. Here, we will outline how to repair air conditioner issues that are minor in nature:

Check for Ice
If your air conditioner is not cooling sufficiently, look for ice on the outdoor portion of your unit. If you see ice build-up, shut off your cooling system and give it several hours to defrost. When defrosting is complete, turn the unit on again. It should now be cooling more effectively, but if you’re still not satisfied with cooling levels, call a professional.

Look at the Overflow Drain Pan
The overflow pan is designed to catch condensation from your air conditioning unit, and is typically located at the bottom of your indoor AC unit. If you notice that it is leaking, look carefully for any signs of damage, especially at the edges and corners. You can repair any small holes and cracks with waterproof epoxy glue, or replace the overflow drain pan entirely.

Check the Condensate Line
The condensate line drains any accumulated condensation from the overflow drain pan directly into a drainpipe or outdoors. Should this line become clogged, water will back up and flood the overflow pan, causing a leak. If you suspect a clog, use a wet/dry vacuum to suck it out and clear the line. Check the line periodically throughout the cooling season to avoid surprise leaks.

Repair Air Duct Leaks
While not directly part of your air conditioning equipment, leaks in your air duct system can have a major effect on your AC unit’s ability to cool your home efficiently. Patch any small holes you come across with duct tape or sealant to enjoy more even cooling throughout all rooms in your house.

Check the Capacitor
If you find your air conditioner is humming, yet the fan is not spinning, you likely have an issue with your capacitor. The capacitor is what initially boosts the fan motor on start up. If the capacitor is blown, the fan can’t get going. Replacing the capacitor with an appropriate new one for the make and model of your AC is a basic fix, but it is highly recommended that you leave this job to a pro if you are not comfortable.

Still left wondering how to repair your air conditioner? Give us a call today at 1-905-624-5544. Evam Canada would be happy to help service your air conditioner, or recommend and install a new unit if required.