Central air conditioner maintenance is essential to prolonging the life of your cooling system and in making sure it continues to cool your home evenly and effectively. Each and every year (and especially before cooling season begins!) you should perform a few simple maintenance tasks to ensure your AC unit is in top shape.

Maintaining your air conditioner doesn’t have to be difficult. Set aside a few hours to work through these steps so you can get the most out of your cooling equipment. The following is Evam Canada’s simple central air conditioner maintenance guide:

  1. Change the Filter
    Dirty and clogged filters are the number one cause of air conditioner problems. A dirty filter can restrict air flow, leading to decreased efficiency of your cooling system. A clogged filter can even result in your system icing up. Check your filter often and clean or replace it every month or two, especially in peak cooling season.
  2. Check the Thermostat
    If your thermostat is battery operated, replace the unit with fresh batteries to avoid costly repair visits. Many home owners blame their air conditioner in cases where their thermostat is really the culprit!
  3. Clean Up
    A key component of your central air conditioner maintenance is a thorough cleaning of the exterior unit. If you haven’t cleaned it recently, it is likely quite dirty. Carefully clean the fan blades with a high pressure stream from a garden hose, taking care to avoid bending or breaking any fins as you remove debris. Also clear away any other debris like leaves, twigs and grass that may be surrounding the outdoor air conditioning unit.
  4. Level It
    As the concrete pad on which your AC unit sits settles, it can become unlevel. If your air conditioner tilts to one side, this can impact the compressor inside, making it more susceptible to wear and tear. Use a hand level to check your unit and made adjustments using shims to return it to the proper position.

  5. Perform an Overall Check-Up
    Take a visual inventory of your air conditioner’s components, such as fuses, breakers, wires, connections, drain lines and more. Examine these parts for any signs of wear or damage that could cause your system to malfunction. If you notice any issues, call in a professional air conditioner repair technician immediately for assistance.

At Evam Canada, we offer convenient central air conditioner maintenance plans to keep your AC unit working its best! Our licensed technicians are experienced with all air conditioner makes and models, and can handle everything from minor service calls to total repair or replacement of your unit. To book a maintenance appointment today and get a check-up on your system, contact Evam Canada.