Bryant air conditioners are one of the most trusted and most popular systems on the market today for both residential and commercial customers. Since 1904, Bryant has created reliable and efficient HVAC equipment to help its customers be more comfortable in their homes.

If you’re looking for assistance when it comes to Bryant AC troubleshooting, we’re here to help. The Evam Canada team recommends following these Bryant AC troubleshooting tips before calling a professional to eliminate some of the most common Bryant air conditioner problems.

  • If your air conditioner does not turn on, look for the disconnect switch and check that it is in the “on” position. Typically, Bryant AC units have a mounted switch outdoors near the condenser unit. It should look like a grey box mounted to the wall, approximately 8” wide by 16” high.
  • Check that a breaker has not been tripped inside. Flip the breaker connected to your air conditioner off and then on again, and see if your system starts up.
  • Head over to your thermostat and make sure it is set to “cool” rather than “heat”. Try lowering the temperature by a few degrees to see if the air conditioner turns on.
  • Within the indoor portion of the unit, check your air filter to make sure it is not blocked. A dirty air filter can cause your system to shut down because there is a lack of airflow.
  • Examine both the outdoor and indoor portions of your air conditioning system for signs of damage, loose connections or frayed wires. If you notice any of these potential issues, contact a professional to perform the appropriate repairs.
  • If the above suggestions did not solve your issue, get the model number from your unit so you can perform further research or have a professional help you with your Bryant AC troubleshooting. The model number will be marked on a sticker at the back of the unit, above the service valve connections.

Bryant Air Conditioner Maintenance
The best way to avoid future Bryant AC troubleshooting is to have regular maintenance performed on your system. An affordable and convenient maintenance plan will ensure your air conditioner is always ready when you need it. With scheduled maintenance from our Bryant specialists, you’ll protect your investment and keep your home comfortable.

Need help with your Bryant AC troubleshooting? Get in touch with us today! The expert technicians at Evam Canada are familiar with all makes and models, and are ready to assist with any questions or concerns you might have about your Bryant air conditioning system.